Love beyond Limitation: Part2

Hello frnds Without anything I m just continue the story where we left It .
For Part One visit Love beyond Limitation: Part1  
One year later:
Almost in love with that girl, Kesar and Kabir is separate now..
Day passes and he was engaged himself in his work.. but not happy.
On the other hand girl also looked for him because she knew that he was the one to whom she can spend her lyf N tym but they are already separated .. She was working in NGO  n the important thing is that still they were in love but that did not affect their professional lyf. U know the reason being is they were in luv and their love was the real strength.
They love everything either their parents, frnds , work , hobbies , cricket, books, places everything and they have already make up their mind but did not once again engaged with anyone.
But Destiny has its own funda and they met again in common frnd marriage (Learning point whoever u love also make some common frnds yeh apko jararu kaam aayehga..)
They started chat , a normal chat which after one hour became a long converstation they forget where they were , they just did not want to separate . He asked many things and she said many things to him.. they were just looking at each other and have tears in their eyes..
She said she is suffering from cancer and will die soon that ‘s why she separated from u because she knew u loved him a lot.
She worked for NGO as a counselor and also guide students how to move forward..
Boy in shock but said nothing to her because he has nothing to say.. how can he survive without her. He started thinking what he can do for her. He started pray for her, visit every big stage where she can be cured but nothing worked .. they both are together now he is happy with her . He also joined NGO as a part tym to spend more tym with her.
She was doing very gud stuff for his students and one of them is her favorite n his name is  Aman . She want something big for him and want to help him to make his dream can true but she has not so much tym....and the tym up now
Final Scene:
Kesar in hospital.. she is not because of her it’s all about kabir. In this story, Kabir hide one truth that is he was also suffering lung disease and  due to this his liver was already damage. This was the end of his lif because his liver could not be recovered N he knows that very well. He saved lot of money for his NGO child AMAN. Both knew he has bright future ..Girl said to her nothing but she is crying very hard ..her tears not stopping.. the tym they spend was very good and they already wrote new chapter in AMAN life. They donate full amount to AMAN for  rest of life and wish him for  bright future..After some tym grl also died..
They spend beautifull lyf vo b tab jab vi bimar thi.. she knew love give her lot of strength and one successful life means service to others.. AMAN  is hope for this couple they didn’t married but they are already into each other..
This is the lyf n U cant destroy ur life for someone. Its all about how u carry your life with or with out her..
Because u need someone may b somebody needs u so just do ur duties as much as u can because we don’t know what will be going..stop thinking just do ur work because future is mystery so just don’t think about too much..if ur today is good ur future will be fine no doubt..
They loved each other,. They helped one persom to make his life..they loved by their NGO children n   important their love will be remain with AMAN..
So do something like that which can change the things and remind u rest of the tym
LOVE BEYOND LIMITATION ends here will soon come with new BLOG.. Bye Tc


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